Santan Prapti Puja



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Note:- Puja does not include Prasad. If you need Prasad then please contact us. Extra charges will be applicable as per the quantity.

Location :- Services are available in Delhi/NCR and Lucknow. We also conduct online Puja(puja conducted through video chat) for all other locations

Santan Prapti Puja

About Santan Prapti Puja:

Santan prapti puja is ancient puja for those parents who face problems like no child, pregnancy issues, mother fertility problems. In this puja of lord Krishna is performed recognized as the 8th incarnation of lord Vishnu. 

Benefits of doing this Puja:

According to the Vedic astrology some weak planets which provides negative effects in your life, and due to this these problems occur but these problems can be resolved through Vedic rituals. 

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